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Sports Bars and Pubs

Who can’t resist the lure of a drink, good food and watching your favourite team with a bunch of friends on a large screen TV

Flight Club Darts Hits the Bulls Eye with its chain of Social Darts Activity Bars

Flight Club Darts has taken the age old game of darts and has completely transformed it into a new social experience like no other – combining the heritage of darts with a range of delicious signature slushy cocktails, sharing food and canapés. 

24 Hour Fitness Gyms

In 2007 “Work out while your kids have fun” was a new concept for 24 Hour Fitness – a Fitness Gym Chain with over 400 fitness clubs throughout the US .

Queen Elizabeth II Centre

When they looked at protecting the screens from accidental damage and from the everyday dust and dirt that can build up and cause damage to a LCD Screen they turned to The Screen Protector Limited for advice.

The FA

We recommended a 70” wall mounted tv screen protector which provides substantial impact damage for a very reasonable price and are available on-line through our web site at

Bristol Zoo

To protect the screens from accidental impact damage from members of the public Bristol Zoo turned to The Screen Protector Ltd for advice and supply of screen protectors to protect the investment that they had made in their digital signage.

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