TV Enclosures



Our Residential Series TV Enclosure  is a weatherproof and secure enclosure designed for use with just about any standard television and with the residential consumer market in mind. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor areas, The Residential Series TV Enclosure is a lightweight universal design that easily opens for a direct view of your TV, allowing you to watch, protect and secure most TVs in nearly any environment.

Our Commercial Series TV Enclosure is an affordable, durable, secure, outdoor display enclosure that offers protection against water including rain, pool splashes, sprinklers, wash downs, and more. In most weather conditions, these water-resistant TV enclosures and display cabinets offer protection from condensation, moisture, mildew, heat, cold, dust and grime. Even flying objects swept up in storms are not likely to penetrate the enclosure’s strong front shield. Each protective outdoor display enclosure also provides protection against insect intrusion, a common killer of outdoor digital monitors and TVs. Ideal for any arena, stadium, gym, theme park, zoo, aquarium, casino, community center, college or university, government building, restaurant, bar & grill, hospital, airport, office or other high traffic environment.  Our Commercial Series outdoor digital signage enclosures offer a low cost, install friendly design, vertical format options, durability, water-resistance and security (theft protection and vandalism defense) for TVs and commercial digital signs. Our enclosures are currently used in over 6000 locations in 15+ countries!