Our screen protectors are made in the UK and are not shipped from China.

Our Standard Screen Protectors comes in two different options either Anti-Glare or Clear Acrylic which are 2mm thick and attaches to the TV using sticky double-sided Velcro tabs and 1 optional strap which wraps around the middle of the TV (can only be used with stands in the middle of the tv).

Our Ultima Screen Protectors come in two different options either Anti-Glare or Clear Acrylic which are 4mm thick and use 2 Velcro straps that wrap around the back of the TV.

The only difference is that the anti-glare one has a matte coating to help reduce glare and makes it scratch-resistant.

Our TV Screen Protectors are designed to primarily protect a TV from accidental impact damage.

Our anti-glare range may help to reduce glare but will not necessarily eliminate problems of glare (especially from strong interior lighting and/or sunshine.)

You can use water and a little bit of washing up liquid. We would also suggest wiping the Screen Protector first with a cloth to get any dust off (a microfiber one works well!) and then going in with the washing-up liquid and water.

Your Order

We can make bespoke Screen Protectors that fit your TV’s exact dimensions. You can also customise the thickness of the acrylic and for added security, you can also add a double lip (only compatible with wall-mounted TVs).

To find the best size Screen Protector you will need to measure the Width x Height of the TV without the stand. We are also happy to recommend a size, just email us at info@thescreenprotector.com with your TV make and Model number.

We ask that you check the size of the Screen Protector against the TV before removing the protective film. If the Screen Protector still doesn’t fit just email (info@thescreenprotector.com) us and we can help you with this issue.

We offer free standard delivery which takes 2-5 working days. We offer next-day shipping for orders which costs £5.00-£12.00 depending on the Screen Protector size.

To protect the Screen Protectors during transit, each Screen Protector has protective film on both sides which need to be removed before attaching it to the TV. The protective film may have scratches on it or look blurry but once removed, the Screen Protector should have no scratches on it.

We check every Screen Protector before it’s dispatched from our warehouse, but sometimes they can get damaged during transit. If you could email (info@thescreenprotector.com) us a picture of the damage, within 7 working days, we would be happy to arrange a replacement Screen Protector to be sent.

Commercial Orders

Yes you can, we can arrange bulk orders as well as custom made sizes, just email it to info@thescreenprotector.com


We can order you a personal size Commercial TV Screen Protector, just email us your Name, Screen size and quantity to info@thescreenprotector.com

Yes we do, just email it to info@thescreenprotector.com

Shipping takes around 14 working days

Unfortunately, since these protectors are custom-made to fit your specific TV, we're unable to cancel the order once it's been placed.