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Protect your TV from accidental impact damage before its too late....

Suitable for all makes of TV including:

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Most owners of Plasma and LCD TV’s are completely unaware of how fragile and vunerable Plasma and LCD televisions are. The impact from a child throwing a toy or a remote control can result in a TV becoming worthless. Designed by a mother of seven children, The Screen Protector is a simple to attach, optical grade acrylic protector that protects a plasma or LCD screen from accidental impact without affecting the High Definition Picture Quality. Originally designed to protect a Plasma or LCD
TV from the impact of a Nintendo Wii remote being thrown at it, The Screen Protector is easily able to withstand impact from small toys, and children drawing on it with crayons protecting your TV so you don’t have to worry.

As the largest supplier of TV Screen Protectors in North America and Europe we are able to bring you the most comprehensively designed and tested range of TV Screen Protectors on the market today at very competitive prices.



We manufacture 2 different ranges.

Our Ultima Range of Screen Protectors are made from acrylic that is twice the thickness of our Premium Range and offer twice the impact protection.

PREMIUM - 29" to 52" 

TV Screen Protector Premium Range Anti Glare

                ULTIMA - 19" to 65"

TV Screen Protector Ultima CLEAR     TV Screen Protector Ultima Anti Glare

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