Standard Range of TV Screen Protectors

TV Screen Protector Standard RangeOur Standard Range of TV Screen Protectors are easy to attach to your TV and represent excellent value for money. Made of an optical grade acrylic these TV Screen protectors come with Velcro Tabs that enable your TV Protector to be fixed to your TV. They are fitted within minutes and are very easy to attach and detach providing an effective TV armor for your TV.

The Standard TV Protectors come with spacers to keep a gap between the TV and the Television Screen Protector. This enables the TV Protector to more easily absorb any minor impacts and also allows any heat that is generated by the TV screen to escape.

These screen protectors make an ideal choice for families with young children or if there are pets present in your home.

*Homes with Younger Children and smaller pets
*Display Monitors for Shop Fronts (indoors) eg Travel Agents, Estate Agents, Solicitors, etc
*Keep Fit Gyms

*suitability will be determined by the type of use it is required for. If you have any doubts please ask us –

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