The Screen Protector

The Screen Protector is the Leading Supplier of TV Screen Protectors in the UK and has been supplying TV Screen Protectors to the UK, Europe and USA since 2007.

Protecting your TV or Digital Display adds an extra layer of protection and reduces the risk of screens getting damaged accidentally. While the damage might be unintentional, the time and cost implications of accidental damage are no less frustrating, which is why it makes sense to invest in protecting your screen in the first place.

Our screen protectors are used in a variety of schools, hospitals, pubs, prisons, gyms and homes across the UK.

We work with AV Dealers, School Buying Groups, NHS, Re-Sellers and direct to consumers to provide a comprehensive solution whatever your requirements.

We provide quotes for bespoke sizes and we thrive on providing unique solutions to unusual requests.

If you would like us to help just let us know.