The Screen Protector


TV Screen Protector

Don't get stuck with a "One Size Fits All"  - choose from the widest selection in the UK

  • A microscopic surface treatment reduces unwanted glare and reflection that can cause annoying reflections on your TV. Please note that the anti-glare coating reduces but will not necessarily eliminate glare. Please be aware that all anti-glare materials will affect the viewing angle of the TV and may affect viewing of the picture. 

  • The TV Screen Protector TM prevents damage from dust, scratches, fingerprints

  • Scratch Resistant -As an additional benefit, our Anti-Glare TV Screen Protectors are abrasion resistant to prevent marring and scratching, which is vital if your child tries to race his toy car across the TV..!

  • Designed to absorb impact from small toys, remote controls and more...

  • Strong - made from optical-grade acrylic  -15 times stronger than glass

  • Comes with 1 Strap which attaches at the back - More Secure

  • Comes with Snap On/Snap Off Fasteners

  • Comes with spacers to maintain constant airflow and prevent overheating.

  • Easy to install, ready to attach to your flat-screen TV 

  • Maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of your TV.