What is the Best Way to Protect My TV - A " TV Screen Protector " Or A " TV Enclosure "...?

TV EnclosureTV Screen Protector

Deciding whether a TV Screen Protector or a TV Enclosure is the best product to protect you television screen largely depends on where the television is being used. It is important to point out that TV Screen Protectors and TV Enclosures are two completely different products.

Our TV Screen Protectors are designed for Indoor Use only to protect your TV from everyday accidental impact damage from Wii Remotes, Toys and children drawing on the screen or accidentally hitting it. 

Our TV Enclosures are designed to protect TV's Indoors and Out Doors. They are made from a substantial enclosure with a Shatterproof Ultra Clear Lexan® Polycarbonate Front Shield  that completely encloses the TV and gives a much greater resistance to substantial impact. They are also weather proof so can protect your TV outside from wind, rain, hail, sleet and snow.. 

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