Why Buy From The Screen Protector..?

  1. Worlds First TV Screen Protector


TV Screen Protector by The Screen Protector

It started with a loud “gasp” from our children as a “Wii- remote” hit and cracked the screen of our new Plasma TV.  This was in 2006 and we had not appreciated how easy it was to break a Flatscreen TV and how prohibitively expensive it was to repair.

With this in mind we delayed purchasing another TV until we had found something to protect our next TV against another accident.

We searched on-line across the UK and Europe and broadened our research to the US and across the world but without any success.

After a few months of drawings, prototypes and extensive testing we designed a TV Screen Protector that would give us the protection that we were looking for.

Within a few short months we were selling our screen protectors to a growing number of other family’s and business’s across the UK.

We soon started getting enquires from the US and we now sell our screen protectors Side TV Screen Protector by The Screen Protectorworld-wide.

Later we added our range of TV Enclosures and with the widest range of TV Screen Protectors  in the world we now provide the very best in TV protection  on the market. Combine that with our industry knowledge and design and you will see why the competition has been trying to catch up ever since.

  1. Location

Our distribution facility is based near Bristol and we are the only manufacturer of TV Screen Protectors in the UK.  

Our staff know their product inside out and if there is a problem with delivery or size we are here to help.

We are in the office Monday to Friday  09:00 – 17:00.

If you have any questions please email us at


or call us on 01934 429510.

  1. The Optimum Screen Protector for Your TV

Some companies sell a “one size fits all” Screen Protector… The problem with this is that they don’t..!  If you don’t know the size of the screen protector then it may well not fit your TV



We   stock and sell the largest range of screen protectors in the world to make sure that you get the optimum TV Screen Protector for your TV.  All our screen protectors are listed with their dimensions so that you can see clearly in advance what you are buying.

  1. Personal Service

We want you to have the closest fitting screen protector for your TV.

If you email us at


with your TV Make and Model we will let you know which is the best sized screen protector for your TV.

  1. Design

Our screen protectors are made from a thicker acrylic (up to twice the thickness) than other competitors screen protectors and so our screen protectors offer a much greater level of protection.

We carefully selected our optical grade acrylic from one of the UK’s largest suppliers so that you get the very best in TV protection.

  1. Where can I buy one from..?

You can purchase a screen protector from our on-line site at


Here you will receive our great customer service and a great price.

We also sell our screen protectors through a number of select  AV Dealers and On-Line Merchants across the UK  -  including Tesco's