Cost Effective Digital Screen Protection


It started with a phone call. “One of our large screen TV's has just been damaged - can you do anything to stop this happening again..”

As with anything in life, accidents are bound to happen… especially with large screens in a public space. The smallest impact can cause irreparable damage.

With the demand for large screen TV and digital signage growing so quickly it is important to be able to offer protection against accidental impact damage.

More and more clients are placing a greater emphasis on durability on any investment so the requirement to deliver a display network that is durable and long lasting becomes more and more compelling.

With so much at stake to get a digital signage integration right long-term, the importance of protecting displays cannot be underestimated

The Screen Protector offers the perfect solution…

Whether wall mounted or on a stand our Screen Protectors are designed to protect screens from accidental impact damage. Designed for indoor use only they combine protection and a sleek design that doesn't detract from the appearance of a TV or Digital Signage installation.

We design and manufacture our Commercial Range of TV and Digital screen protectors to your specific requirements.

Our screen protectors are lightweight and offer comprehensive protection for digital signage, displays or TV’s. They are easy to install and can be fitted in minutes with no tools required.

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