Clear TV Screen Protectors

The TV Screen Protector TM prevents damage from dust, scratches, fingerprints

Extremely strong - made from optical-grade acrylic for excellent TV Screen Protection
Easy to install, ready to attach to your flat-screen TV – a flat screen protector at an economical price.
Extensively tested: these tv protectors easily deflect small objects
Maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of your HighDef TV
Large range from Small TV or LCD Screen Protectors to Big Screen TV Protectors

Benefits of our TV Protectors

Reduces UV radiation from your TV.
This TV Screen Protector is like TV armor and protects your TV/ Monitor on a stand, a desk or mounted on the wall.
The crystal clear TV protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing for vibrant display of colours in any High Definition picture.
Easy to take on and off
The lip also prevents dust from getting trapped between the TV screen and the Television screen protector.

Why is our TV Screen Protector superior?

The TV Screen Protector was designed and extensively tested to:

This TV Protector maintains the best picture quality.
We excel with stylish design that makes the television screen protector almost unnoticeable and maintains the sleek look of your TV.
Wide range of sizes available from small TV’s to big screen tv protection
This TV Protector is easily installed.
It is easy to be temporarily detached for cleaning.
TV Screen Protection - designed to absorb impact from small toys, remote controls, Wii controllers and more….
Extensive testing and rigorous quality control ensure high product quality - best TV Screen Protector on the market.
This tv protector provides enhanced ventilation preventing overheating. Designed to maintain constant airflow
Manufactured to our rigorous standards to ensure that you get the best TV screen protector on the market.